Joey Visits Grandpa
by Patricia Nichvolodoff
Trafford Publishing

"Before we go fishing, let's tie a piece of string from your glasses to your shirt pocket. That way your glasses won't get lost."

Little Joey loves to visit his grandpa. The two of them enjoy making pancakes, reading the newspaper, and feeding Grandpa's fish. Joey tries to be as helpful as he can by mixing the batter and cooking the pancakes. When Joey and Grandpa go to the grocery store, Joey pushes the cart and helps Grandpa select items. Throughout all of these activities, there's just one small problem. Grandpa keeps losing his glasses. Fortunately, Joey is always there to find them. He locates Grandpa's glasses in the fish tank, the pancake batter, and other unusual places. At the end of the story, Joey comes up with the brilliant idea of tying a string to Grandpa's glasses and securing the other end to his pocket so Grandpa won't lose the glasses while they go fishing. However, there's still one small problem. Children will enjoy trying to spot this conundrum in the book's final illustration.

This delightful, lighthearted story uses some of the tried-and-true conventions for engaging young readers, including repetition. Losing the glasses and finding them in odd places drives the narrative and fuels the young reader's expectations. Childhood development experts laud repetition in children's books as being a significant factor in a child's learning process, helping them absorb new vocabulary, develop their reading comprehension abilities, and enhance their critical thinking skills. Above all, this picture book is a heartwarming glimpse of the special relationship a child shares with his grandfather. It serves as a reminder of the powerful influence of loving relationships on a child's healthy development.

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