Journey from Gauntlet to Paradise
by Roger Vincent
Trafford Publishing

"We spent the whole afternoon hiking exploring and just thoroughly enjoying nature, and the scenery!"

This autobiographical memoir of a man growing up in the countryside of New York and the way the land and the people shaped his life is an expansive and personal history filled with adventures and hardships. The author relays stories of growing up and having to provide for his family in less than ideal conditions before turning his fortune around and becoming the owner of businesses, an archery instructor, and a father and grandfather. His improved lifestyle leads to adventures all across North America, where he learns to appreciate the majesty of nature in National Parks as well as on several hunting trips, in Maine, and in Wyoming. No matter the location, memories both good and bad color each stop along the way, setting the tone of each experience as being either a trial or relief.

This book is a charming and captivating read, with a personal style and storytelling tone. Photographs of major events and people that are part of the author's recollections are included and help further bring these scenes to life. Using conversational dialogue and present-day life digressions, stories arrive in the author's voice and style and are very present on the page. As a result, it can be difficult to follow the chronological order of events, but this also happens when a story is told in person. After reading through the story of this man's life, the reader may feel like they have a solid grasp on who he is, what he believes in, what he appreciates and what he could do without.

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