Journeys of the Mind—Book 1
by Leonard J. Jeffrey
Trafford Publishing

"Because Christmas time is a magical time for me…I always have a great time and everywhere I go people seem to be extra happy during the Christmas season."

Not since Aesop's fables has there been a book as dedicated to ethics, morality, and life lessons for children as Journeys of the Mind—Book 1. Jeffrey's anthology contains twenty short stories that touch on human behavior and building character. Themes of the story range from not being greedy, avoiding judgment and thinking of others to having faith, being patient, and valuing relationships. More than anything, each heartwarming tale is filled with hope and positivity as it demonstrates the way of life to not only kids but anyone who comes across the book. Additionally, there are numerous stories, including, "The Christmas Promise" and "The Christmas Snowflake" that touch on the spirit of giving and believing during the holiday season. Overall, the stories are well written and detail oriented; they deliver an almost cinematic experience to the audience.

The following stories stir the heart in unimaginable ways: "A Brother’s Wish," "Becky’s Prayer," "Dexter’s Drawings," "In Her Heart," "The Keeper of the Rainbows," "Crusty Old Mr. Hutchins," and "The Old Train." Though only a couple pages long, the stories quickly reel the reader in and don't let go until the climax. For instance, "A Brother’s Wish," depicts a brother who, exasperated with his sister, wishes that she ceases to exist. This story will undoubtedly take many adult readers back to the fond memories of their childhood days, when sibling fights and arguments were nothing out of the ordinary. Stories like "Crusty Old Mr. Hutchins," are eye-opening and teach children not to assume because life is not always the way one sees it. "Becky’s Prayer" and "The Keeper of the Rainbows," along with many others in this compilation, are a testament to the power of faith and resolve.

The adventures in Journeys of the Mind—Book 1 will excite, entertain, educate, and ultimately leave the audience anticipating the launch of the next book in the series.

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