Journeys of the Mind: Books 2
by Leonard J. Jeffrey
Trafford Publishing

"I dreamed again that I was following a phantom or spirit as it moved throughout the house. Will this be my fate for as long as I live here?"

A collection of short stories ranging from heartfelt to fantastic and improbable adventures, Jeffrey's writing style is easy to digest while still being as bizarre and intriguing as a classic horror or suspense author. Not much of the content in this book deals with anything particularly macabre, but everything between pirate ghost ships and near-death experiences are included within the book's twenty stories. The book starts out with a story about a cat lost on moving day, who wants to be reunited with his family but makes new friends along the way. Later stories feature clones, ghosts that can see the future, tales of loss, stories about finding new opportunities to love and chances to make dreams come true.

The author engages the reader by presenting believable people in real-life situations that are then forced to deal with incredible circumstances. Each story is no more than a few pages on average, but the pacing is quick and satisfying, making each of these shorts as much of a page-turner as suspenseful bestsellers. Like any good tale of the strange and unknown, the world is rarely left in the same state as it was in when the story began, drawing the reader to wonder what happens next or if something similar could happen to them. This book is good for anybody looking for some quick stories to read that jog the imagination or inspire to see the world a bit differently as soon as the book has been closed and the story both finishes and only just begins.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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