Jubilant Journeys
by Connie Spenuzza, M.S. Ed.
Libros Publishing

"The stone symbols of these unborn babies stood shoulder to grey stone shoulder."

Part memoir, part travelogue, and part genealogical study, this book is joyously refreshing. It is also poetry in motion. For example, instead of "China is too big to see in one trip," the author writes, "We barely scratched the surface of this commanding dragon."

Spenuzza is an already a popular novelist, writing under the pen name, Cecilia Velastegui. But coupled with her 50 years of traveling experience, this book uniquely shares what travel readers appreciate most—the joy and everlasting nature of travel memories. "Peter and I still hum the breezy melody of the jovial benediction we received from a good-natured Buddhist monk in Siem Reap, Cambodia." Beyond simply sharing the joy of travel and travel memories, the book covers the exploration of one's roots, which is more popular now than ever, thanks to the availability of personal DNA testing. "I attribute our internal magnet to the traces of DNA from Greece, Sicily and the Levant that still linger in our bodies; these imperceptibly nudge us..." Though the experiences and observations in the book are sometimes humorous, they are often deep, and even profound. "In this quest we join billions of people throughout the ages who've yearned for their bodies and hearts to be healed, or their souls inspired and enlightened."

Although born in Ecuador, the author was raised in California. The wanderlust started early and stayed the course from the late 60s to today. Whatever the reader's reasons for travel, this book demonstrates that getting the most out of the adventure starts with researching the destination. But the primary lessons everyone takes away from reading about this family's exploits are courtesy and respect for everyone, everywhere. The author teaches us that wanderlust serendipity is magical, and one must always strive to see the world with childlike wonder.

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