Jungle Kids: "You're not too little to be green"
by Ines Caraveaux
Trafford Publishing

"You’re not too little to be green"

Jungle Kids is a heartwarming children’s story that fills each page with hope and dwells on the innocence of childhood. More than that, however, its extensive use of symbolism and exploration of a new world make this story a must have for all elementary teachers in the classroom and parents for their bed-time readings. When a meteor hits a tree in the jungle of Capacumbi, the Jungle Kids are born. All five, Jemadi, Tara, Bila, Zagu, and Baby Mema, embark on a journey of exploration that leads them to encounters with unique animals like jaguars, orangutans, elephants, and flamingos. Through their adventures, they learn about friendship and the inner workings of mother’s natures magic.

For the burgeoning development of youth, Caraveaux funnels children toward building critical thinking skills and an inquisitive mindset. Not only is this book thoroughly entertaining, but it is also equipped with illuminating sketches, particularly the jaguar, that will hold the child’s attention throughout the story. The Jungle Kids, with its stunning illustrations and creative storytelling is nothing short of the Animal Planet channel brought to life through Caraveaux’s writing and vision. Young and old alike will appreciate the focus on a child’s innocence, imagination, and creative possibilities as a whole. The Jungle Kids are full of life and desire to discover and explore their new world. This idea of learning about and respecting nature is best captured by a Jungle Kid’s song that is sure to catch children’s interest. Ines Caraveaux’s Jungle Kids is unique in the world of children’s publishing and gets the cognitive and creative juices flowing for kids at an early age.

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