Just Because We are the 99%
by Mary Marks
Trafford Publishing

"Our nation is in the fight of its life. Instead of our politicians working to improve our economic situation, they are trying to impress their constituents with irrelevant chatter."

With the election of President Obama, many in America were convinced that big change was coming, especially in the form of more jobs and economic reform. Almost 4 years later, not much has changed. Rather than blaming the President as many are doing, Marks puts the blame squarely on the heads of the American people, or as she refers to them, the 99%. Marks uses the popular term "the 99%" to describe U.S. citizens who fall within a wide range of wealth, but are not extremely wealthy. She asserts that the 99% have untapped political power and that they should be in control, not the rich. Marks' provocative argument is that that voters should not have elected a Republican majority into Congress based on campaign promises to create more jobs and provide economic relief to those in need. The new Republican majority in Congress has thwarted President Obama's plans for progress, rather than fulfilling their own promises. Their true intentions were to support the wealthiest 1% through generous tax policies and to balance the budget by cutting spending that would benefit the remaining majority of Americans.

Marks' assertions that public opinion turned against Obama because of racism are compelling. She argues that Obama did not create these problems, but inherited them and has worked diligently to remedy them. Although this book is full of researched facts about politics and racism, it is easy to read. Marks raises some controversial points and is unapologetic in her views. Passionately argued, the book with an empowering list of ways for Americans to create change in politics.

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