Just a Thought
by Richard Byrd

"Hope is a tremendous obstacle to someone who looks forward to failure…just a thought."

Byrd’s book is a collection of concise thoughts on a multitude of subjects. Each of these thoughts is given in stand-alone statements attempting to convey truth on the subject discussed or a point of view grown from experience. The subjects range from friendship to romantic relationships and include topics such as foolishness, death, solitude, money, discipline, and many others. Rather than an in-depth discussion of the chosen theme, each idea is presented in a quotable format intended to encapsulate a truth or ignite greater reflection. The presentation is well-done with a glossy cover, quality binding, and pages sharing a matching color scheme featuring large, clear type which allows the statements to be easily read. The pages can be thumbed through and pondered in any order, allowing the book to be picked up and perused at random.

Although the effectiveness of the author’s work would be enhanced by more careful editing, Byrd’s book offers some thought-provoking statements, including “Inventory of ourselves is always necessary when we are being judgmental of someone else…” Alongside these offerings, the reader finds sayings possibly similar to what they’ve heard before but presented in a slightly different manner. Presented in this way are subjects such as friends and money, fools, and motivation. Readers may enjoy thinking upon the subjects Byrd presents. A good book of thought-provoking ideas is accessible, wide-ranging, and allows the reader to bring their own experiences into their reading and form opinions which may align or counter the idea presented. This book allows for this type of pointed, considered thinking to occur. Readers looking to open a book and find a quick thought to ruminate upon may enjoy having this collection on their coffee table or nightstand.

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