Justice Is For The Lonely
by Steve Clark
Rorke Publishing

"She wanted you on the case because you're good-looking enough to hook Stern, and rookie enough to follow orders."

When a former star Dallas Cowboy football player falls into a coma after successful heart surgery, his family sues the hospital and his cardiologist for gross negligence. Kristen Kerry, a bright young attorney, works for the firm representing the hospital and its nurses. Her boss gives her the case, but she soon learns that she wasn't chosen merely for her legal talents. Her team expects her to charm information out of Tony Caswell, the associate attorney who works for the firm representing the doctor. When that effort fails, she has to get the lead attorney, Michael Stern, to agree to join forces with her team and then double-cross him during the trial. Kristen's moral fiber, search for justice, and traumatic past prevent her from following both her boss' and her client's orders throughout the case.

After the jury delivers their verdict, Kristen faces even more challenges. Tony Caswell, who Kristen spurned romantically and Michael spurned professionally, vows revenge and tries to frame both of them for the murder of Michael's wife. Kristen uses unconventional techniques to uncover the truth. As layers of the plot unfold, she also has to come to terms with the fact that she loves Michael and learn how to let him into her life.

Justice Is For The Lonely offers the courtroom drama, suspense, mystery, and romance reminiscent of a fusion of John Grisham, Mary Higgins Clark, and Nora Roberts. The novel succeeds in giving readers a look into the dark world of the medical and legal fields made even more believable by the author's own background. At the same time, it gives readers a positive look into human nature, as they witness an arrogant, career-oriented man and a lonely woman haunted by her traumatic past open their hearts and learn to trust and love.

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