Katie and the Troll Queen
by Grandma Nor

"She never would forget the secret she carried in her heart about the berry picking day and the contest..."

This is is a cute little tale for children. On the back cover, the author relates how she grew up far from any playmates and so had to make up her own games and entertainment. The book embellishes on stories from her childhood, her grandparents believing that mythical creatures like trolls were, in fact, very real.

It's the first day of summer vacation, and Katie has the whole season spread out before her. Mama reminds her that part of today involves picking berries for tonight's dessert cobbler, and so Katie takes off to do just that. She's also excited to begin practicing tomorrow for the choir concert, as she was selected to be the lead singer. She just wishes she had the chance to hear her mother sing, but since her grandmother said her voice was unnatural, she will probably never get her wish. As Katie picks the berries, she meets a troll, who engages her in a contest. If she loses, she must stay to live with the trolls; if she wins, she gets to go home and maybe even find out the full story of why her mother won't sing.

At twenty-three pages, the story is short and manageable for most kids. Many of the pages are taken up by colorful illustrations by Jan Michael Vincent Sy, thereby enhancing a level of understanding to the plot. The author comes from USA from Norway, and sometimes mixes up sentence structures. Since much of the book has incorrect subject/verb agreement, this may be a story that is better read to children rather than them reading it themselves.

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