A Kick-Ass Fairy
by Linda Zercoe
Hidden Oak Press

"Every instinct is to hate the enemy, but when that enemy is your own body, the anger turns inward."

How would you cope with knowing that you have a rare genetic condition that predisposes to you to cancer because your tumor suppressor gene is defective? What if you passed that gene on to one of your children, knowing that you miraculously—if barely—survived five different types of cancer yourself? Meet Linda Zercoe, who has done all of the above, against all odds of survival.

Linda is no stranger to tragedy. In her memoir, A Kick-Ass Fairy, she starts her story with the physical and emotional abuse that she suffered at the hands of her mother. Just when she feels like life has given her a lucky break with the happiness she finds in her husband and her newborn, her brother-in-law gives her the news that her husband was electrocuted while on a job. That is only the beginning, however. As a young widow, she battles her grief while simultaneously going to college to support her young daughter. Eventually Linda finds love again, becomes a successful businesswoman, moves to the Golden State, and has another child, only to find a lump in her breast several years later.

Linda's story is a war tale told in a way that is inspirational, enlightening, emotionally raw, relatable, and humorous. Her body becomes a battlefield as she goes through surgery and chemotherapy time and time again. She fights doctors who seem to have more pride than intelligence, all while juggling a family and job. Despite the setbacks of losing her job, moody teenagers, and a rocky marriage, Linda comes out on top. The story illuminates Linda's transformational journey as she reconciles with herself so that she can move on and find happiness. A Kick-Ass Fairy is ultimately the story of ass-kicking cancer survivor.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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