Kid Canine - Superhero!
by P.T.Custard
Illustrated by P.T. Custard and David Pearson
Black Plume Books

"Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes."

This is the adventurous tale of Dill the small, fluffy, superhero dog. The problem is he is only a superhero in his own mind, and he often sees and hears danger where there is none, such as a baby crying who turns out to only need his diaper changed or the aliens that turned out to be tulips! After numerous embarrassments and feeling foolish, Dill retires to his doghouse. Missing Dill's antics, sadness falls on the neighborhood, until the day Dill hears noise coming from his front yard. Is there trouble? Ultimately Dill learns he is a true superhero and the true nature of his superpower.

This charming tale has an easy to read storyline and colorful illustrations. It is a  delight for dog loving children and adults, teaching us that we are all superheroes with powers to share with others. This is an uplifting tale will be a welcome addition to any child's library, certainly heart-warming enough to be enjoyed over and over again.

Writing tales around her own two dogs, Dill and Jules, the author has transformed a career of writing curriculum-based books into one writing children's books. Kid Canine Superhero! is the author's third award winner and a finalist in the National Best Books Awards and a Bronze Medal winner of the Young Voices Book Awards, both in 2009. The author does not seem to write for awards alone but for seeing the happiness and joy they bring to young readers.

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