Killer 7
by Damion Campbell
Trafford Publishing

"His worst enemy had already anticipated his next move thanks to the small spy robot that was keeping an eye on them the whole time."

Killer 7 tracks a group of heroes as they strive to save Earth and humanity from an alien threat called Night Mare and his cohorts. Night Mare wants to get a hold of the Beast Stone, an artifact which was uncovered in Africa and is currently owned by one professor Greenwald. The stone functions as a signaling device and has the power to bring down the Beast Planet, which has the ability to destroy Earth. Night Mare has duped the citizens of Earth to believe that he is the good guy and that the Killer 7 are simply mercenaries, bent on Earth’s destruction. The story culminates when Night Mare imprisons Greenwald and asks him to activate the device or his son, Tyler, will be killed. The Killer 7 team finds Greenwald and his son, attempts a rescue, and continue the fight to protect Earth from Night Mare and his thugs.

The story's premise and the theme are interesting—the immortal guardians representing evil vs. good in a high-stakes battle for the future. However, the text lacks proper punctuation. Also, the frequent changes of point of view of the many characters make it difficult to determine exactly what is happening in a given scene. Readers might have trouble following the plot because of frequently misspelled words, weak character development, and general style and structure issues. This book would resonate well with lovers of science fiction, fantasy, and the comic book genre.

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