"The Tourist Mouse was…so grateful for his new friends that it seemed like it was really all he could say, and he kept repeating, 'Mahalo, mahalo.'"

Two Hawaiian mice, Kimo and Kalini, are best of friends. Friendly and adventurous, they love the beach and enjoy playing in and around the Pacific Ocean. Once, while playing on the beach at Halona Beach Cove, locally known as “Cockroach Bay,” Kimo discovers a tiny driftwood surfboard charm necklace, which he and Kalini use to surf on the waves. They get worried when they spot Bobo, a tourist mouse, moving too close to the dangerous Halona Blowhole, next to Cockroach Bay. Disregarding the dangers, Kalini saves him, and Kimo, in turn, saves Kalini’s aloha charm, which she had lost while saving Bobo. They all stay friends forever.
Harris delivers an adorable story about friendship and surfing. Using the adventures of Kimo and Kalini, he focuses on local food, culture, and language of Hawaii. Harris’s stunning descriptions highlight the natural beauty of the island of Oahu as Kimo and Kalini scale lava rock cliffs, dive into warm ocean pools, swim beneath cool waterfalls, and surf on waves. Amidst all the fun, Kimo and Kalini, along with other animals, are acutely aware of the dangers of the blowhole, from which powerful waves push themselves up to twenty feet or more. Thus, the risk that Kalini undertakes to save Bobo from the blowhole shows her willingness to help others, while Kimo’s bravery helps to recover Kalini’s lost charm. The emphasis on the value of friendship and love will immediately appeal to children. Gentle yet informative language reaches out to readers of all ages, while delightful illustrations bring out the playful, endearing tones of the story. This is a breezy, lovable story, to be enjoyed over and over again.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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