Lady Beth
by Caroline E. Farrell

"So when, from somewhere deep inside, she heard a tiny voice calling out for help despite her shattered sense of self-worth, she knew it was time to run."

Beth Downes lives an average, quiet life as a single mother in Dublin, trying to raise her son, Jesse, free from trouble. When tragedy strikes, Beth takes action, hitting the streets of Dublin to find the root cause of her son’s death. She befriends a local junkie kid named Frankie who helps provide her with clues, bringing her closer to both the truth and the demons from her past. With an itch for revenge now ignited, Beth submerges herself back into a world she once tried to escape from.

With its grimy details, suspenseful narrative, and psychological examinations, this novel is not just a story of revenge; it’s a story of hope and freedom, as emulated by Beth’s path from homeless girl to successful, working-class mother and her actions of emotional freedom from her past. The author succeeds at balancing the flashbacks of Beth’s former life with her present, and in doing so, she helps readers connect the dots as to who is the central, orchestrating mastermind within the story. The cast of characters is also perfectly balanced, each one a foil to one another or connected to one another in some twisted way. The homeless teens, for example, are reminders of where Beth has come from. And while Beth may have tried to create hard lines to separate her past from her future, she learns that the two are much more closely connected than she thought, as revealed during her investigation. A dark, thrilling web of deceit, drugs, and the underground, this thriller will keep readers hooked until the very end.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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