Last Call For Caviar (Volume 1)
by Melissa Roen
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"The Hopi Elders say the sign that the Purification has begun will be when the world awakens one morning to the Red Dawn."

In his poem "The Hollow Men," T. S. Eliot proclaims that the end of the world will be heralded by a whimper rather than a bang. Ms. Roen’s novel suggests a decidedly different outcome. In her view of the cataclysm to come, more visceral manifestations of human behavior will be on display—such as love, longing, decency, quite a lot of drinking, and particularly intense sex.

The year is 2018 and the world is falling apart—not only figuratively but literally. Having too long ignored environmental and climate change warnings, the world is now reaping the whirlwind. Catastrophic storms and earthquakes have rent asunder vast parts of the planet causing nations and governments to crumble. Chaos and insurrection reign, except for geographically dispersed pockets of order. Two of those are Monaco and the South of France. There, Maya pines for her estranged lover, practices her firearms skills, and dallies with aristocrats, imposters, and gangsters. When she isn’t helping selfless nuns administer to the disenfranchised masses, she’s carrying on a torrid affair with an Emirati and attempting to execute a daring plan that will eventually result in reunification with her family in the Oregon woods.

Unspooling Maya’s journal in the first person, the author captures the emotional upheavals of this strong yet vulnerable young woman swimming against a swift current of encroaching doom. Roen is a skillful writer who deftly juggles suspense, sadness, and sensuality. Her descriptions paint voluptuous verbal pictures that can occasionally slow the narrative but more often serve to ratchet up the thrills or the erotic heat. If you like your Armageddon chic, classy, but definitely not chaste, this last call’s for you.

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