The Last Hope for Peace
by Joshua E. Starr
Trafford Publishing

"When you believe you can do it, you'll break this rock. I believe that on Earth you wanted to break that glove so badly that you probably had more control over the baseball that day than you had over yourself."

Jessie Landon is a typical teenager, growing up in an orphanage in a small town. He is concerned mostly about school, friends, and playing baseball. His life is upturned when he happens to overhear a secret meeting in the orphanage. In time, it is revealed to him that he is the king of a planet called Peace, and that he has secret powers only he can unlock. These were programmed into him by his father, a renowned scientist on Peace, who created Jessie to defeat his older brother and the terrible army of the Unknown, who are in the process of usurping their planet. Jessie is whisked away from Earth in a spaceship with friends whom he trusted at the orphanage, only to find out that they are soldiers from the planet Peace who are under orders to protect him until he can discover his true powers and defeat his evil brother, Francis Roddendale.

This is an action-packed, rollicking adventure through space, replete with fighting action scenes, terrifying aliens, fights, underground cities, and future technology. There are some interesting twists in the story, such as when Jessie finds out who his brother really is and has to examine his inner motives. The author keeps a quick pace throughout the book, which keeps the reader interested. The cover of the book features a planet with two swords crossed over it. The cover could have been somewhat more complex, as it seems rather simplistic to do the book justice. The novel is an engaging read and is perfect for science-fiction loving teens, as well as adults.

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