LeDoux Vie
by John C. LeDoux
Trafford Publishing

"My civilian career was interesting but not nearly as much fun as Navy life had been."

In an autobiography addressing his family, the author tells the history of his life, from growing up in San Leandro, California to consulting as an expert in constructing a nuclear fallout during the Cold War. Graduating from high school at the peak of World War II, the majority of the story is framed around his career in the Navy, starting out in basic training and studying at the academy all the way to reaching the rank of Commander and traveling to Europe, Australia, and even Antarctica as part of the Civil Engineering Corps. Along the way, the family grows larger with more and more children, golf scores continually shrink, laughter is shared, and family memories are continually made.

Even though the audience for this book seems to have originally been offspring and children for the author to explain his background to, other readers will find a lot to enjoy. With a life that frames the bulk of 20th-century America and its history, learning about the various Naval projects and internal issues the country faced as it left one war and headed for another makes for interesting reading. The audience does not need to be historically minded to be engaged, as there are plenty of humorous, human stories that anybody can identify with. All of this is presented in a pleasant, conversational tone that is always a joy to get lost in and relate to. While the family-oriented content is extremely personal in nature, good storytelling is universal—and there is plenty of that to enjoy in this title.

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