Let Me Tell You About Angela
by Michael Ellman
Windy City Publishers

"Crayola crisp tints transcended the gray newsreel of travel, the orange of the sun glowing bright as the mid-day Sahara."

Collecting a dozen short stories, some never before published, the author of this volume shows his ability to create fascinating tales in a number of genres. From science fiction stories about a man’s transformation into a flower and a time traveler sent back to ancient Egypt to romance stories involving the recurring character Dr. Ted, an impressive breadth of scope is displayed in just a small selection. Full of magnetic personalities, honest human interactions, and outlandish scenarios, these twelve stories offer up a little something for everyone. Whether it’s an aged ventriloquist that simultaneously and indirectly drives apart and brings together two lovebirds or a mental patient trying desperately to put on a normal front, every selection offers something different than the one before.

Each story in this book is no more than 20 pages long, providing perfect entertainment in short bursts or the ideal length to bring along on a flight. Though the settings and styles change from story to story, the author effortlessly injects trademarks of his style into each piece, whether they are details from his medical background or a love and appreciation of classic 20th century Americana. While such a varied work runs the risk of alienating readers who may not enjoy a certain genre, the personable style that the author establishes in just the first couple of stories gets the reader acquainted with the storyteller and keeps the two linked on a literary journey that quickly becomes impossible to predict. All that it takes to fall in love with this collection is a love of fiction and a sense of adventure.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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