by Jonbeyond

"We are the herald of joy and despair
We are the rain from the broken hearted
We are the mist of fond memories."

The power of the written word is on full display in a poetry compilation that wipes the dust off the spirit and speaks to the essence of being human. Jonbeyond's ability to explore wordplay by using figurative devices and juxtaposing paradoxical ideas like night and day or dream and life is unparalleled. The combination of unquestionably spectacular writing and accompanying digital images that seamlessly match each poem's tone imbues the work with a rare energy predicated upon authenticity.

Every poem is carefully crafted to where it takes on a life of its own. From the opening piece, "From whence it comes," readers will discern a noticeably Stranger Things vibe. The author proceeds to dive into universally relevant topics that represent layers of personality. Specifically, "Depressed" adds vibrant imagery like "emotional debris" to amplify the state of the broken mind. The repetition of "Tears" and the riddles in "You Tell Me" are dynamic and thought-provoking, simultaneously tugging at the heartstrings and delivering an aura of playfulness and mystery. Jonbeyond's ability to tell his story through a relatively consistent AABB rhyme scheme, particularly noted in "Abandoned Child," is sure to appeal to poetry purists.

While poetry is generally interpretive, the author's emphasis on experiencing enlightenment through self-love and self-care from a philosophical, spiritual, and mental health lens is crystal clear. With poetic endeavors like "Untamed," he provides a platform for readers to resonate with the whirlwind chaos that the mind can become. Like every poem, "The end" is one that perfectly captures the pain of regret, one that every human will connect with. This compilation is a tour de force of words and storytelling that packages the meaning of life within its covers. One reading is simply not enough to grasp its full impact.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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