Letters to Grace: The Angel Diaries
by Monica Page

"I feel a familiar presence and realise Grace is sitting next to me. No need for words, we sit side by side in this paradise, in awe of the beauty around us, feeling complete with this, within and outside of ourselves."

At a certain point in her life, Australian Monica Page became aware that she had a guardian angel named Grace who could be contacted as a consultant and guide. Visualizing what Page imagined to be Grace’s Office, at the top of a long curving staircase, she often visits Grace there. Usually the office appears comfy, an inviting space where Grace sits cozily drinking tea. But not always: once Page opened the door to see a massive hole with a hot wind blowing up from the depths of the earth, where Grace was mixing up a soup of Page’s strongly conflicting feelings, advising her to “stay in tune” and “be open.” In between her visualizations of Grace’s Office, the author writes letters to Grace, something like a journal, expressing her current ideas, hopes, and sometimes, her fears. In the course of writing (roughly between March and August, 2016) the author gets married; her husband John changes careers; and the author decides she too must change, to pursue a career in interior home design and use her writing talents. At each step, Grace offers wisdom, comfort and advice.

It is evident that Page has a gift for writing and an imaginative flair with illustrations, chosen by her from her husband’s artwork. Grace, as she presents her, is both a physical angel with wings and a part of her deepest consciousness. Through this artistic device and with her ability to use words well, Page is able to present ideas and feelings that are readily, empathically accessible. As this is subtitled Book 1 we can expect more objective and subjective observations from Page and her angel. Charming and oddly believable, Letters to Grace is a diary of a woman’s inner vision that will appeal to those seeking their niche in creative life.


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