Liam's Luck and Finnegan's Fortune	
by Timothy Kiernan
Ferne Press

"Mr. Tycoon paused and pointed to Finnegan. '...You see, through the choices we make, we all have the ability to create our own luck.'"

The creatures of Glendarra Forest become real as they interact with humans throughout this book. Kiernan's main character is a scrappy little bee named Finnegan. His curiosity and propensity for exploring leads him to one adventure after another. Finnegan tells himself, "Who knows, I could become a famous explorer—the next Ponce bee Leon."

While investigating a clover field owned by Liam McNamee, Finnegan decides to experiment and mix the nectar from four-petal flowers with seeds from three-leaf clovers—the result—four-leaf clovers. Although they do not turn out to be sweet-smelling as Finnegan had hoped, he realizes that he has created something new and exciting. Just how exciting becomes apparent when he avoids being squashed by Liam McNamee by convincing him that the new four-leaf clovers will bring him good luck. Liam discovers, however, that in order to maintain his luck, he must share it with others.

The developing story includes Bitty the Butterfly, Gordon the Gopher, Murphy and Millie, two field mice and Tyler the Raccoon, who is respectfully referred to as Mr. Tycoon. Humans important to the story, besides Liam McNamee, are ten-year-old Brendan and Finnegan's parents Sean and Maggie. Each plays a role as humans and animals work together to save the forest. In order to do so, they must learn to get along. The story is written for children ages 8-12 but working together to help one another and the environment is a lesson for all ages.

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