Liberally Speaking: Why Liberalism is Right for America
by Stephen J. Natoli
Branden Books

"Liberal ideas have been the ones that have made society more just, more prosperous and better for people to live in."

Liberally Speaking is a guidebook designed so that "moderates will see the wisdom, sense and success of liberal positions" and to help liberals who "are starving for some affirmation of their views and some explanations they can use to defend and promote the principled positions they hold dear." Complete with a questionnaire, plenty of history, and an in depth explanations on issues, Natoli's attention to liberalism raises awareness to the basic needs and desires of all Americans.

Natoli's offers a step-by-step approach to understanding liberalism. He opens by describing his shift from conservative to liberal thinking, followed by providing his audience with a "personal inventory" questionnaire before detailing what the liberal perspective looks like. Divided into five sections, Natoli explains what it means to be a liberal utilizing his 18-point constitution on what liberals believe. Section 2 covers the historical highlights "the liberal record of success" from the early 1600s to present day and the foundations to liberal thought. While the preceding material is highly educational, the next several chapters under part 3 serve to crystallize liberalism as Natoli addresses where liberals stand on issues. Examples include human rights, health, defense, war and peace, as well as gun issues—just to name a few topics. Part 4 offers balance as Natoli includes a historical perspective on the conservative record of failure, what conservatives believe, and why their thinking doesn't work.

Natoli offers plenty to ruminate on, plus a word of encouragement for his readers, in the last section, to engage in the political process by getting involved in organizations. In closing, Natoli states his groundbreaking read the best: "The American people deserve to see that liberal values are American values, and to appreciate that much of what has made America free and prosperous is a result of great liberal leaders and great liberal ideas."

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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