Liberation: Book One of the Andrusian Chronicles
by Maria Lucia
The Andrusian Press

"Trust your paths and do your part, for every piece is crucial to our success. All hail to the freedom of Earth."

Liberation takes its title from the deepest wish of the main character, Love Mother, to free Earth from centuries long domination by an intergalactic force that uses paranormal powers to subdue humans and subvert the normal course of human history. In spite of the many references to other worlds and species in the galaxy, Liberation is not for the science fiction fan. Rather, the intergalactic species represent the authors intent to show how terror and suffering are not native to Earth. Love Mothers quest to rid the world of paranormal interference is a spiritual story of healing for the nation. The technologies used to both attack and defend are spiritual in nature, and Liberation is the story of how Love Mother is recruited and gradually gains mastery over the skills she needs to free the Earth.

Love Mother reveals her story through an almost oral retelling, relying heavily on new age-like language to explain important events. Therefore, leaps in time and vague details made it difficult to track developments in the story. However, the variety of spirit entities, many charming and several very frightening, and their various powers showcase Lucias imagination, transporting the reader to an alternate present where past great world leaders work together with reincarnated aliens to save the planet. Less repetitious information would have made the story stronger, but Lucias clear passion for healing the psychic wounds of the world carries the narrative forward.

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