Life: As I See It: My E-mails to G-Ma
by Jo Ann Spiess, Ph. D.
Trafford Publishing

"Just as I was falling asleep, I heard the pretty lady say, 'Our little Twitter has an unusual aura … different from any cat I ever had.'"

When little Flitter becomes stuck in a tree one misty night, he is rescued and brought to live with a nice, cat-friendly couple. Not being fluent in “Felinese” at the time, they mistakenly think his name is Twitter and decide to adopt the yellow-striped kitten. This tale of a precocious and unusual cat and the people who adopt him unfolds through nightly e-mails he sends to his G-Ma. Through his nightly correspondence, he entertains G-Ma with stories of spending his days as the self-appointed guardian of his new abode, making friends in the neighborhood, and entertaining his adoptive parents. This comfortable routine, however, is disrupted when the egotistical, show cat Alex enters the family, and Twitter is forced to adjust to the changing atmosphere of the household. More changes are in store when Twitter’s e-mails are discovered under G-Ma’s bed at the Assisted Living Facility, and his amazing talent for storytelling is revealed.

Spiess’ inventive tale of a tech-savvy cat, his nemesis, and his adoptive family is full of adventure, tongue-in-cheek humor, and feline antics. Her character Twitter possesses all the traits and characteristics of his feline nature, yet he also has his own personal brand of loyalty, mangled philosophy, and sense of fair play. This amusing tale of how a lost kitten comes to be the guardian of a household and a chronicler of life incorporates humorous moments through malapropisms in Twitter’s confused renditions of famous quotes and anecdotes remembered from his birth mother. This whimsical look at feline life through the perceptive eyes of a literary cat keeps readers smiling right until the end.

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