Life in Half a Second
by Matthew Michalewicz
Hybrid Publishers

"My impression of the world is that we spend life doing what we 'have to' rather than what we 'want to'."

Award-winning country singer Tim McGraw's popular song refrain "Live like you were dying" comes to mind when reading Matthew Michalewicz's instructional and inspirational book about living life to the fullest and following your heart's desire. The book is succinctly organized into five "doors of success." Together these components manifest into an essential core to highlight and focus on ultimate achievement.

Michalewicz takes readers by the hand to walk us through the realms of clarity, desire, belief, knowledge, and the all important course of action, as we are made to realize that "only action can turn your goals into reality". The author's formula includes the use of components such as visualization and a "goal pyramid" that helps track progress in reaching ever-increasing milestones, before achieving your ultimate desire. Accordingly Michalewicz stresses that the most extraordinary outcomes come about by climbing on the backs of accomplishments you've already achieved. The key he emphasizes is to stop waiting for the right time. That time is now. Many of the book's chapters conclude with an offering of specific actions to take. These range from suggestions of sharing your dreams, to keeping a journal with daily notations of tasks that are moving you ahead in your efforts, to changing your environment as a way of increasing knowledge and self-belief.

Michalewicz is clearly a man who is living out his bucket list. In addition to his successful business ventures and numerous entrepreneurial endeavors, he has explored the great pyramids, enjoyed rock climbing above Machu Picchu, encountered the great tortoises of the Galapagos Islands, and even met the Pope. In the grand scheme and timeframe of the universal cosmos, Michalewicz knows that we are only here for the blink of an eye. Through Life in Half a Second, the author is willing to share his personal experiences and profound lust for life, and offer the essential tools to help us control our fears, guide us toward triumph, and alleviate the biggest regret of all, i.e. to not even try. As a treasure map to success, in terms of making the most of the days we have, Michalewicz's book is well worth the read. From it there is much to gain, and nothing to lose.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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