Life Story of a Flight Attendant
by Kevin Meyer

"I thought I had their leash in my hand for life. I liked it that way."

Sex and revenge are good combos for entertainment. Meyer entertains with a tale of a sexually liberated flight attendant whose appetite for men is like her appetite for steak: a delicious treat that “lasts for only two hours,” or less. Her appetite for revenge is also never satisfied. Raped by her father and abandoned by her fiancé, she does not trust men and seeks to punish them. She takes their money then lies, cheats, and breaks their hearts, all while providing excellent sex. She’d be a villain except for her past abuse and excellent financial care of her mother and four sisters.

The constant in this emotionally complicated woman’s life is The Professor, a wealthy American who loves her for revitalizing his sex life after prostate surgery. The Professor tolerates her dalliances with airline pilots, usually for monetary gain, and even helps her write her life story. The heroine (who has no name) lives in an unspecified foreign country (where sexual harassment laws do not exist); verb tenses and dropped articles reflect her hesitancy with the English language, giving verisimilitude to the text. Her exploits are educational (e.g., how The Professor’s penis pump works and how women are like cigars), and are undoubtedly the stuff of many men’s fantasies.

Meyer’s breezy, imaginative, open style creates an interesting read. The plot twists and buckles toward a quick ending, but courtroom scenes set outside the United States make the litigation aspects a challenge to understand. Also unique is Meyer’s invitation to e-mail comments, suggestions, and critiques to aid in writing the second volume of this sexual explorer’s journey. This story of vengeance for rape and emotional abuse is captivating, sexually steamy, and a quick read that brings to life the stuff of fantasies while inviting the reader to contribute.

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