"Life Design for greater productivity needs an individual to become focused, relentless, and even enlightened."

Life Design is a program that aims to help people manage their time and resources more effectively in all major areas of life including business, family, and health. Annamalay urges readers to view his program as a lifestyle that utilizes intentional exploration and reflection on a variety of topics from childhood experiences to stress management. By completing various thought exercises and reflective practices, participants can identify what matters most in life and can begin to make choices and commitments based on those priorities. As the process unfolds, an individual will begin to understand the difference between a Designed Life and a Compulsive Life.

Annamalay uses a variety of tools and tactics to convey his message including written exercises, personal stories, medical insights, and examples from the world of business. This array of content offers multiple opportunities to engage with the material. At times, the author is a motivator, others a coach, and still others a teacher and mentor. His voice is authoritative yet also supportive and encouraging and keeps the reader engaged with his practical methods and planning tools. Written with a persuasive mix of curated facts and clearly articulated advice, this book will help readers begin to change the way they manage time and achieve prioritized outcomes.

Bonus material in the form of QR codes linked to videos is included with each chapter. Suggested websites for further exploration on a given topic are also helpfully included. These digital options are valuable additions to this highly useful guide for anyone interested in designing a life of greater productivity through time management.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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