A Lifetime's Non-ordinary Events:
A Modified Autobiography
by Richard F. Ward Trafford Publishing

"But the reader's entertainment is the effect I hope to impart. If this should ensue, the effort shall not have been in vain."

More a chronological travelogue than an autobiography, the author takes you on his many trips and vacations across the world through a period of almost ninety years. The book begins slowly with the author's early memories of life in New York City. As he comes of age, his enthusiasm increases, especially when writing about his trips to chase down and watch a solar eclipse. The excitement continues until the death of his traveling and lifetime partner Thelma and then continues another sixteen years until the death of his wife Lu. With age, the reader sees the complete circle of life once again slowing to a reflective pace.

Perhaps the most surprising feature of this book is the subtle way in which the author reveals himself. It is a rare octogenarian that will openly discuss his thoughts and feelings. Mr. Ward is no different. But, sifting through his travels and accomplishments, we find a subdued sense of humor, a strong individualist, a can-do personality and a modest, fair-minded man. The book is an easy read and the author does fulfill his intent to entertain.

What makes this "modified autobiography" truly unique is the fact that he maintained two interracial relationships for most of his life at a time when that must have been especially difficult. Instead of sharing his insights on this rare lifestyle in relation to changing attitudes, he focuses on his long list of vacations. The book conveys a sense of the author, teasing the reader to know more.

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