Lilley the Pizza Mouse
by Ricky Kennison

"The road maybe filled with twists and turns but you can always go back home,” Lilley thinks to herself"

Beautiful baby Lilley was born on Christmas day. As time passes, Lilley grows bigger and is finally old enough to start playing outside. Lilley loves the wonderful woods where she lives. As Lilley explores the woods, she one day finds a place where machines go back and forth across a clearing. Excited, she runs home to tell her parents about it. Her parents warn her to stay away, but curiosity wins as Lilley returns to the forbidden location and crosses the clearing. On the other side are buildings with wonderful smells coming from inside, and she cannot resist going in. After exploring for a few days, Lilley is caught by the exterminator Ms. Cacher. Lilley begs Ms. Cacher not to put her in the mouse eliminator machine. Ms. Cacher says she will consider it as she sets Lilley’s cage in the back of the truck. The next morning, Ms. Cacher brings Lilley to the woods and tells Lilley she will release her because it is Easter Sunday, but Lilley is not to return. Lilley runs home to her parents and now stays only in the woods around her home where she is safe.

Kennison has created a curious main character who loves exploration, a trait which many of his young readers can identify with in their daily lives. Like Lilley, the age of readers Kennison is connecting with have great imaginations and a need for adventure. Young minds are always inquisitive about anything new they see, and, like with Lilley, sometimes this thirst for knowledge can lead to trouble. Kennison has designed a fascinating story for these young readers to educate them on the importance of listening to their parents and following rules even if adults are not around. He emphasizes the importance of rules to keep children safe.

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