Lilly Little Dog
by Dina S. Colon
Trafford Publishing

"They became best friends in life, together they would go everywhere and sleep together."

Colon writes a beautiful story about a young orphan girl and her courageous dog as they interact with the girl's grandmother and neighborhood and contend with the boy who has forgotten how to love. Writing English as a second language, she does a great job of getting the ideas across, but makes several of the common tense agreement and spelling errors. This can detract from the story, particularly if one is attempting to use the book to encourage children to be more involved in reading.

The story is presumably intended for children ages 8-10, as 11 is the age of the main character. The text is short, only 56 pages, and presented with large type. However, the language and plotline seem too simplistic for this age group. There is a slight mystery added for suspense, but it is more of a mystery to discover the true nature of why this is such a mystery. More attention on the development of the supporting characters is needed.

One strength of this book is its focus on the "bad" kid of the neighborhood. His development throughout the story provides a strong Christian message about the importance of prayer and faith. While the outcome of his story, while not ultimately realistic in today's climate, delivers on childhood wish fulfillment. The society Colon introduces is a beautifully supportive and loving society that should have many readers.

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