Listening to Our Students and Transcending K-12 to Save Our Nation
by Alec Ostrom, Brian Hack, and Don Prentice

"It is impossible to design an entirely new K-12 education model by using the thinking that drives the older, existing K-12 school systems."

Education reformers often look for ways to innovate within traditional educational structures, but these authors seek something bolder. They have developed a whole new system of learning that meets the demands of the digital age and, more importantly, the needs of an entire generation of learners trapped in the traditional model of education. Rooted in research and experience, this new model seeks significant systemic changes and a mindset shift that empowers students and teachers on the journey to lifelong learning. The authors outline their design strategy and their guiding principles while also critiquing the current shortcomings of education. Their trademarked Digital Age Learning System (DALS) is offered as a private business franchise that will operate in communities. The authors also provide extensive explanation and description of their teaching practices that are founded on developing an effective classroom environment where learners are valued and supported, and the learning is relevant and authentic.

This timely and important work is a resounding answer to the questions about how to change the archaic K-12 educational model that is failing so many students and burning out so many teachers. The authors’ calm and measured critique of today’s school systems leads logically to their own alternative system for teaching and learning. What sets this book apart from so many others is the refusal to work within existing educational structures to develop mere pockets of innovation. These educators are more than practitioners turned theorists; they are visionaries and entrepreneurs intent on wrecking the familiar but exceedingly faulty school system beholden to federal and state mandates. This extensive explanation of a new learning system to replace traditional schools captures the possibilities for true educational reform and provides a trailblazing guide to building a new system of learning.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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