Little Grace
by Patty Richardson
Trafford Publishing

"Rise up, hold your head high, never allow the enemy to make you hide!"

Christian, faith-based fiction is not only for adults. Patty Richardson makes this apparent in her heartwarming children's tale, Little Grace. While a child may have difficulty understanding bible verses, prayer should not be a foreign concept. With grace and simplicity, Richardson's illustrations and prose showcase the beauty of faith. In the story, a little girl named Grace, who is miraculously saved from a car accident, thanks the Lord endlessly for allowing her to live. One day, when she forgets, she feels the intense rays of teasing bestowed upon her by the enemy of God. Perhaps the most intriguing part of this story is that it only hints at biblical allegory such as Satan rather than naming him outright. For example, Richardson states, "Until one day, Little Grace forgot to pray. The enemy took his chance to prey." To a child, the difference between "pray" and "prey" may seem minimal, yet planting the difference in his or her mind, from an early age, is supremely beneficial for a healthy upbringing.

Little Grace is the perfect book for both bible school sessions and parents looking to educate their children without preaching. The illustration of God's illuminating hands reaching out toward Grace symbolizes innocence and protection of the innocent and believing. Throughout the book, parents and children alike will feel a sense of peace and serenity; an undeniable aura of spiritual calm exudes from the pages. Most importantly, Richardson's book instills faith and confidence into the child, which will ultimately guide his or her moral compass during their most adverse life situations. The book simplifies the concepts of the bible into one, must-read children's book that emphasizes one notion: prayer. Those who pray shall not be preyed upon by the enemy.

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