The Little Ant
by Abha C.
Illustrated by: Emily Z.
Trafford Publishing

"Little ant went exploring in the park... Suddenly she came across a big green frog."

This is the story of a little ant, a little girl ant, who wears a bow in her hair and shoes that match. She lives in the trunk of a tree. Her home has a red door and two wooden steps leading up to it. One day, this little ant decides to go exploring in the park. She walks down the path from her home until she gets to a patch of brightly colored flowers. This looks exciting so she sniffs each flower. The next thing she sees is a large, outdoor fountain with several tiers. The water is spraying from the very top and cascades back to the lowest level. She moves on to the swing set, climbs up on one of the swings, and hangs on while she goes higher and higher.

So far, her adventure in the park has been fun. As she walks over to the sandbox, a big green frog blocks her way. The little ant doesn't wait to find out if the big frog is friendly or not. She runs as fast as she can past the swing set, the big fountain, and all those colorful flowers. She doesn't stop until she is safely in her home.

Toddlers like bright colors, baby animals, and insects with cute faces, and picture books. The facial expressions throughout this book are delightful. The colorful, simple drawings make it easy for children to follow along with the words. The little ant has more of an adventure than she had planned. Tiny beads of sweat are on her forehead after she stops running from the frog. When she is back home, she opens the door, peeks outside, and waves to the readers to let them know she is okay.


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