Little Chick Gets Bullied!
by Nat Williams
Page Publishing

"'What an awful thing to do!' said Ostrich as he hid his head in the sand."

This sassy little children's book tells the story of Little Chick. She enjoys playing with her animal friends but gets bullied by another animal. She and Ostrich are building a sandcastle when Bully the Bull decides to smash the castle, even though he was invited to help. Ostrich, as usual, puts his head in the sand to avoid the confrontation. Other animals such as Beaver, Elephant, Lion, Kangaroo, and Wise Old Owl try to help. Knowing that fighting isn't the answer, Little Chick takes the advice of Owl about using H.I.T.—humor, ignore, and tell—to help in her battle. Little Chick takes this advice and finds out that Bully has been having problems at home.

A topical story about bullying, the author utilizes a variety of animals to tell the tale in a manner that will be easily accepted by young children. The artwork is creative and engaging. The animals, who would not be seen together in real life, expand the thinking of children through seeing that we can all get along and help one another. This story of bullying will be helpful for those children who are being bullied, but also valuable for all children to see how they can support their friends if their friends are being hurt. Although Bully's issues are only briefly touched on, and helping kids realize that compassion is needed for bullies as well would have been useful, the book does a good job of showing how Little Chick benefits from the principles of H.I.T. Overall, this is a book that most children will learn from and enjoy.

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