The Little Blue Water Dragon
by Garfield Davis 
Trafford Publishing

"Deep within the valley below lived a single little dragon. He was banished from the mountaintop because he was unlike the others."

The little blue water dragon is different. Not only is his color unlike that of the red dragon clan that lives on top of the mountain, but his ability to spray water instead of fire is considered a threat to the other clan members. Banished to the valley below, the little blue water dragon lives a life of loneliness and longing. From his position in the valley, he can hear the red dragons as they celebrate the newly hatched eggs with bursts of fire. But the celebration turns disastrous when the trees ignite and threaten to destroy the dragon village. The little blue water dragon is forced to make a difficult choice—stand by and watch the fire consume the mountain or use his ability to save the village he was once banished from.

This book relates familiar messages of tolerance and acceptance in a simple and engaging format. The protagonist learns his unique ability is not a source of shame, but rather an asset to his fearful community. The story of the little blue water dragon balances its moral lesson with a sympathetic protagonist and a conflict that possesses just the right amount of danger for young readers. Davis, who dedicates the book to his daughter, exercises a clear understanding of early readers: The language is easy to follow without be oversimplified, and the action moves quickly and is resolved in a satisfying way that underscores the ultimate message. The illustrations that accompany the text are impressive in their beauty and detail. The dragons and action sequences are visually stimulating and depicted in vivid color. The scenes are expertly framed and enrich the reader's understanding of the associated prose, making this a story that lends itself to many repeated readings.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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