Little Jenny in the Jungle
by T. Steele Petry

"This day little Jenny decided to travel to the jungle to visit with the many varieties of animals that lived there."

Little Jenny decides to explore the jungle and travels to South America and Africa to see these exotic locations and the animals who live there. The book journeys to each continent in turn and explores the animals and other features of the jungle. Many species are featured, including a Nile crocodile, a blue wildebeest, and a scarlet macaw, among many others.

The text is printed in a large font that makes it easy to read aloud from a distance and features a good balance between text and images that will appeal to toddlers and young elementary school children. The sentences also rhyme, making it fun to listen to and to read. Each spread features text about the illustration that also educates about the different animals (or plant, in the case of the bird of paradise flower). Children can learn about why wildebeests have stripes (for blending in) and what the sloth eats (plants, rodents, and ants), among other interesting facts. These are all presented in a very approachable manner, which teaches very gently and with plenty of fun along the way. The illustrations are lovely and appear to be reproductions of original paintings. They depict the animals described perfectly, while also giving children some great artwork to view as they listen to the story. Children who love animals will delight in flipping through these colorful pages.

Educational with rhyming text and lovely illustrations, this picture book is a fun trip through the jungles of Africa and South America. Young children will enjoy listening to the story as they admire the images and learn about many different animal species.

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