Living in the House of Blues
by Denise L. Baker
Trafford Publishing

"The blues became the backdrop and rolling theme of my emotional past which was plagued by tragedies.. . that forever changed my life."

Because of the influences of the blues and God, in spite of a childhood ravaged by hunger, abuse, and molestation, Baker became a successful woman. Her Living in the House of the Blues is a book length confession that makes up a portion of the healing that was needed to make it to that destination. Her journey could not have been accomplished without the help of God who gave her the courage to move from a position of fear, guilt, and isolation to one of strength and fruitfulness. This work is an enabling confession freeing the author to become what she was always meant to be—an artist styling the hair of the famous.

Baker paints a realistic portrait of a life in poverty and segregation. In a stunning and convincing manner, she portrays herself as the whimsical child from hell. Because she was easily bored, she was quick to delve into mischief that would make any mother or teacher scream with despair—all in the acting out of her own. Woven through her childhood is her father's career, his relationship to the family, and most importantly his love of his children and his dedication to the blues he writes, plays, and sings. As a young wife, she and her children suffer abuse and she escapes through drugs, alcohol, and silence.

Baker has become a champion of the disadvantaged and has proven her worth. Her message is one of honesty and conscience. One should never fear outing the rapists, pedophiles, and molesters. Report what they have done and said. "Strip them of their powers no matter what they say to you." This is the only way to stop them, and the only way you can begin to recover. With this book, Baker shows us one way out.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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