The Lost Secret of Dragonfire
by Tiffany Turner
Trafford Publishing

"Without the fairy paths functioning correctly, Fairy Magic will be cut off or worse, fade from the World of Fairy."

In this third installment in the Crystal Keeper Chronicles, young Wanda is left empty-hearted after the disappearance of her friend Edina and the defeat of the sorcerer Balkazaar. When Edina returns to school without a word and begins making life miserable for Wanda, Wanda searches for answers. With the help of fairies, it is revealed that the changes in Edina's personality are the result of a doppelganger taking her place. Now with a friend to rescue, a fairy to save, and a task of much greater importance developing, Wendy and her guardians must travel magical pathways in order to reach a land of dwarves and dragons to seek out answers. Along the way, new adventures unfold and new allies become reliable friends as grave danger looms large.

Aimed primarily at a young adult audience or the young at heart, this title combines elements of magic and mysticism with the modern world and blends it into an engaging tale. Wanda, the heroine of this saga, often feels overlooked by her peers, her divorced parents or in the presence of her young brother. While she struggles with how all of these impact her self-esteem, she can take comfort in the special burden laid upon her by being a Crystal Keeper. The natural language and fantasy foundation of this story can stand alone as an exciting tale or serve as a springboard for more tales that young readers can dive into with similar mythologies. Above all else, those who identify and allow themselves to become a part of this story will be touched in a way that leaves them looking for magic in the real world surrounding them.

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