"My mother was asleep, pregnant, raped, and killed…There is no closure."

The murder of the author’s mother, sister, and unborn sibling left a wound that will never heal. The image of her four-year-old younger brother finding his dying mother and sister, slipping on the blood, and not knowing who to help still haunts her. The damage she unintentionally inflicted on her own children by staying in an abusive relationship for so many years also weighs heavily on her heart, but Love has found hope in the midst of sorrow. She credits God for bringing her through the rough times and feels she has “grown tremendously” since the publication of her last memoir. Her spirits are on the rise.

In a slim book filled with short chapters and a plethora of family photos, Love takes a brief glance at events in the past that have helped shape the person she has become. In addition to the hard times, she has also found incredible comfort through her family, her church friends, and a special relationship with a widower named London. When her friend first approached her about meeting him, she stated that she really wasn’t looking for a relationship. But after the two got to know each other, Love realized that she had finally found her soulmate.

Love’s book is filled with the remembrances and regrets of a woman who has experienced much over the years. Written without pretension, her story is presented in the same manner in which it would probably be spoken. It should serve both as a concise record of her life for her family and as an encouragement for those who have lived through similar hardships.

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