"I felt like I was grieving and, in fact, I was. A certain innocence was gone."

In this candid memoir of betrayal and humiliation, the author reveals how she uncovered her husband’s alcohol and sexual addictions that jeopardized the fate of her fourteen-year marriage and sent her spiraling into turmoil. This story is her journey to heal and forgive after discovering her husband’s numerous indiscretions that unraveled the life she believed she was living and exposed the reality of a relationship with an addict. Describing the bevy of emotions one experiences when confronting a family member’s addiction, the author details her own path to recovery achieved by gaining an understanding of the psychological effects associated with substance abuse and compulsive behavior. Committed to preserving her second marriage, she strives to overcome her devastation and shame with the intent of regaining her lost integrity. Through her faith, she unearths the healing power of forgiveness and releases her fear of deception to trust once again.

In concise, chronological chapters, the author explores the nature of secrets and questions how well we can truly know another, even our mate. Her research on the subject of addictive behavior is cited throughout her story, including references to psychiatrists and organizations from which she garnered beneficial information. While some readers may find the author’s willingness to disclose intimate details of her spouse’s unfaithful actions disconcerting, she routinely states that her desire for sharing her personal story is to assist others who find themselves in similar situations but are embarrassed to seek support. The integral theme of the story is love and one couple’s ability to repair their shattered relationship, but the author strongly emphasizes the importance of professional counseling for both the addict and family members in the recovery process.

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