Love Leaves No One Behind
by Claudia Pemberton

"'God will never place a mountain in our path. And leave us there to climb it alone.' - Granny Mae"

Heartbroken, Mikayla Mitchell could not have been more alone as she packed Granny's few treasures and the precious memories, but less than twenty-four hours later, she leaves behind an ex-husband and best friends on her way to a job interview in California, climbs on the back of Jesse Daulton's motorcycle, and speeds toward danger and love.

Jesse is a wounded, war-weary retired U.S. Army Ranger who reminds everyone he has fought his last battle. Then he is diagnosed with lung cancer. It takes a surprisingly cool woman, someone who not only needs but wants him, to make him realize he has to wage one more war. When first her best friend is kidnapped by the elusive “night crawler” murderer and Mikayla disappears, Jesse realizes the ability to protect the ones you love is never retired. He is true to the code: Once a Ranger, always a Ranger, and in the end, two lonely people find a home in each other.

The combination of love story, mystery, and tribute to our soldiers offers the reader an insight into the training, valor, honor, and integrity of men in uniform. The author educates as well as entertains with this glimpse of life after combat. Claudia Pemberton offers an unforgettable story of warm friendships, patriotism, suspense, and love everlasting. Punctuated by Granny's old-fashioned wisdom and mouthwatering recipes, Pemberton creates a longing in readers to experience once again the power of home, faith, and love.

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