Loving the Amazon
John Andrew Donix
Xlibris AU

"'There is a girl, a girl you love?' Should I be cynical? I answered, 'Yes.' 'You’ll be stronger without her,' she said."

Andy is a young man learning his desires and needs through a whirlwind romance with the young but experienced and confident Melissa. Though they connect immediately and with a truly uncommon intensity, their own personal demons drive them apart and send Andy on a journey of self-discovery and horizon-broadening. When Andy finds a new partner who educates him in a new sexual style, Melissa finds her way back into his life and puts Andy at a crossroads. Eager to work his way into a happy future with Melissa once more while also knowing that he has issues he must work through, Andy relishes in the debauched, erotic, but also romantic pleasures of the present while also not putting off the things he needs to work on within himself.

Firmly erotic but still offering much more than bedroom scenes, this story is full of honest human emotion and interpersonal drama between the steamy action. Erotica fans will love the lurid details and the coupling told from the author’s skilled hand, balancing the right amount of exciting carnality with enough romance and emotion to keep it from lacking substance. Readers looking for something that stirs the senses will be excited by the sexuality of the narrative but still find a deep and rewarding story lying beneath that surface. The story all comes together not as a blending of genres but rather a mixture that represents the spectrum of emotions that go through these types of young relationships. It is entirely possible to enjoy the guilty pleasures of the erotic scenes while still feeling compelled to turn the page to see what happens next, which makes for an exciting and compelling read.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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