Lucas Trent: Guardian in Magic
by Richard Blunt

"At last there is a place to be myself, without all the others around me acting as if I were some kind of alien."

When socially awkward sixteen-year old Lucas Trent enters TimeStop Bar for a group discussion regarding magical phenomenon, he discovers a host of others who are just as intrigued by the idea of magic. Almost instantly, he befriends Darien Stance, the science prodigy and several others, including Stephanie, Jasmin, Marcus, and Cedric. Little does the group know that their venture into the world of magic will lead them into unforeseen territories and satanic groups that will serve as the ultimate test of their friendship and loyalty.

Essentially, the plot begins rolling when the group of misfits forms a magic circle, known as the Mage of the Round Fireplace. In their circle, each individual is given a name based on the special abilities he is able to procure. For instance, Lucas Trent is known as the Guardian—the protector of the group, while Jasmin is known as Psycho for her ability to persuade anyone to do her bidding. Darien, Stephanie, Marcus, and Cedric are known as the Professor, Airmid, Cougar, and Whirlwind respectively.

Together, these individuals find themselves in a predicament unlike any other. They attempt to destroy and expose the satanic organization that harms Jacqueline Dexter, a young girl in her teens, who bears their stigma—a pentagram of evil—and is rendered helpless. The Guardian and his friends survive numerous battles and near-death blows—mainly because of Airmid, the healer in the group; however, they will have to defeat the Wolfman, leader of the satanic cult if they are to triumph. There's just one problem: No one knows just how powerful the Wolfman and his henchman are. Can the brother to brother, yours to the end bond of this pack of friends prevail over the dark, sinister face of evil?

Overall, author Richard Blunt does a commendable job of giving the novel a unique spin on magic, emphasizing the process of training and the acquiring of magical knowledge. Blunt is simultaneously able to integrate themes of Internet technology, the supernatural, and the use of magic for good versus evil—all while exploring the fine line between the magical world and reality. Nevertheless, the most intriguing aspect of the book, aside from the magical element, is the seamless bond of friendship and loyalty formed between a group of strangers, only bonded by magic.

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