"He was the kind of man you thought was wonderful, providing you never saw him again."

Short story collections often revolve around a central theme. Too often this central theme is so overtly omnipresent that it dulls engagement and eradicates surprise. Fortunately that is not the case with the stories in Mr. Langford’s collection. Readers of this compilation are in for laughs, sighs, tears, trauma, feelings of envy, regret, and more, all in bite-size chucks which are deliciously digestible.
Twenty stories tickle both your funny bone and your consciousness. You’re chuckling one moment and being chilled the next. Here are just some of the characters and situations. A sophisticated woman unwittingly comes face to face with a creepy caller. A young man has a strange conversation with a Holocaust survivor. Or does he? A dog lover takes taxidermy to another level. A woman helplessly watches a murder with a shocking ending. An old woman gets revenge by turning into a parrot. A man loses himself as he loses his job. A liar’s falsehoods prove particularly foolish. A woman loses a husband but gains a great pair of shoes. A couple finds it virtually impossible to recover from the wrenching death of their children. A man hurdles his furniture once too often. Cats exact revenge as only cats can.
Langford is a storyteller at the top of his game. You’re often hooked from the very first sentence. He writes with wit, charm, and a piercing honesty about the absurdity of the human condition. While you’re tempted to pause and admire his use of irony in one yarn, you’re compelled to rush headlong into the next. But take your time. Each of the tales in this storyteller’s restaurant are well worth lingering over.


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