Madam President: History in the Making?

by Ramesh S Arunachalam


There is a puzzling lack of attention given to the role played by conflicts of interest in the corruption saga and especially with regard to the larger financial sector. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have both made promises to Americans in their campaign, whether to "make America great again" or "take on Wall Street." Given her associations and experience, Ramesh Arunachalam investigates as to whether Hillary Clinton, in particular, is capable of fulfilling her promise to bring down financial corruption by painting a factual and compelling case. Arunachalam's expertise in the financial sector clearly shows through his writing as he dissects the financial contributions to the Clinton campaign.

In a methodical, objective, easy to read format, the author provides summaries at the beginning and end of each chapter which state critical points to his arguments, footnotes, tables, and factual citations to back up his rationale. An excellent example of how this format helps portray a comprehensive picture of the Democratic presidential nominee is to the financial donorship to the Hillary Clinton campaign. Those who contributed the most to her fundraisers are people or firms investigated for bribery, tax evasion, and other forms of financial corruption. The author not only provides an understanding of what "conflict of interest" and "corruption" mean in the financial world, but he also provides tables that reveal the contribution amount and SEC reports for each of the donors. As Arunachalam puts it, how can a potential leader who promises financial reform accept these type of donations and not expect it to be a conflict of interest?

Arunachalam's scrutiny of the Clinton campaign is an exemplary piece of investigative, political journalism. American voters should pick up this book before the November election if they want a better understanding of Clinton's message and whether she is to be believed.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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