Magic: Air Child
by Veronica Red

"So much magic is revealed today, starting with imagination and belief."

In the spirit of her name, Red’s work is abundant with color and energy, with the flow of different shades serving to evoke particular emotions and connect readers with natural elements like the moon and the sun. Magic is at the core of this children’s story, but the magic really is in the creation of ideas that stem from the vitality of different colors and auras.

Without a doubt, this book shows that the power of thought can inspire creations beyond our wildest imaginations. From direct and illuminating illustrations to spectacular imagery of nature, readers will stay engaged. Specifically, Red’s use of alliteration such as “flickering of fire” and “glistening green grass” help to create vivid mental images for children.

From a stylistic perspective, this book is easy to embrace with easy-to-read paragraphs for a K-6 audience. Moreover, the character in the illustration opens up limitless possibilities of creative ideas for children from within their own homes. The symbolism of the mixture of colors in the rainbow painting does not go unnoticed as it conveys hope and optimism toward budding creativity and thought.

Red’s themes of instilling belief in one’s own ability caters to boosting self-esteem. Younger audiences will certainly relish the prose and the illustrations, leaving them hoping for more. Moreover, there is a distinct air of peace and serenity right from the book cover that nudges readers toward finding their inner spirit through their creative pursuits. This unique offering is simultaneously educational and entertaining, a meaningful read for younger readers.

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