Mama's House
by Mary Angelean Love

"Building mama's house took time and pain. If she had to do it over, would she build it again?"

Author Love tells the tale of Mama and her decision to build a new house. Filled with colorful and humorous illustrations, it’s a story for children of all ages. Employing clever and well-thought-out rhyme schemes, we see Mama build her house from beginning to end. Many contractors and inspectors are there to help. However, building Mama’s house doesn’t come without its complications. She experiences some hiccups along the way, and she even regrets taking on the project. Angry neighbors criticize the developing project, but she isn’t deterred from accomplishing her goal. In the end, those hostile neighbors will eventually congratulate her, and she’ll fold once again happily into the neighborhood beyond the chaos of construction.

Love does an excellent job merging her background in poetry and songwriting into a quirky, well-written, and engaging read. The complicated story of house construction, tailored for children, becomes funny and vibrant. She creatively executes a witty and realistic rhyme scheme, which resembles the one-of-a-kind wordsmith Dr. Seuss: “Of time, money, love, and heartaches? Was it just a scheme that went off half-baked?” On a higher level, Love reveals the energy and drive necessary to create a goal and then muster the strength and drive to pull it off, which is a valuable lesson for all. Anyone who’s harbored the dream of building a home or even buying one will easily relate to this story.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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