Man on the Move: The Pete Friesen Story
by Peter Rowlands

"Forgive your parents and believe in yourself. Pursue your God-given talents and never, never give up." –Peter D. Friesen

This is a profound philosophy from an eighth grade dropout who grew into a man and changed the face of every industry he entered. Friesen forever improved the industry of moving large buildings by inventing and producing hydraulic and mechanical devices and systems to replace traditional methods. He is credited with moving more than four thousand buildings in his lifetime. He built a factory to manufacture prefabricated houses that used an improved assembly line to create up to forty-eight houses per day with only fifty-seven employees. Later in his life, he embraced the field of computer technology, teaching himself programming, PowerPoint, CAD, and spreadsheets. He continued to create industry standards in virtual technology.

The author presents this story within the context of his love of history. Each story line is illuminated by what transpired before. Nothing stands unconnected from its past, giving the reader a finer appreciation of the scope of the story. He does not shy away from revealing the setbacks and failures of Pete Friesen. For that is vital in this tale of a man who refused to remain complaisant and safe. Bankruptcy resulted in loss of public esteem and church membership. A personal sense of failure came in the loss of the family farm and losing two beloved sons. Yet, Rowlands continues to lure the reader on to the next amazing look into the mind of this remarkable man. In revealing his own admiration for Pete, the author moves from the craft of writing to art.

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