Marshal Superstar the Harbinger, Book 2
by Harvey Minnick
Trafford Publishing

"That is an actual piece of alien fabric. You'll notice that one side is white while the other is pink. The pink side is the inside of Marshal's coat. It is covered with nanobots, tiny microscopic robots that sit dormant until activated. Then they go into action repairing anything they come in contact with."

With the sudden introduction of aliens onto planet Earth, dignitaries of all types rush to make sense of what's happening even as those humans most immediately involved with the alien crash site find themselves irreversibly altered by their connection. As they begin to make allies out of some of the surviving aliens, originally a group of guards and their prisoners, the humans begin to make use of the technology the aliens brought with them, technology that could mean the difference between survival and annihilation if the humans could just figure out how to trust one another.

This sequel to The Coming of Marshal is a fun, busy read, on par with old-time sci-fi movies of the past. A good deal of the story shows just how much trouble two good-looking blondes in their 20s can create given a bit of special power. A high number of alien species are introduced, but few with enough detail to distinguish among them. Sprinkled with a healthy showing of famous names and entities from popular science fiction films, the text winds its way slowly around to the central plot, at about by the middle of the book. Written entirely in present tense, the story makes unpredictable jumps between times, places, and characters—making it challenging to follow the storyline, but not impossible. The text also includes spelling and grammar issues. By all accounts, this may not be the end of the story.

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